Welcome to the jump off point for everything about Matt Gawlik. Matt is south Texas born and bred singer, songwriter and guitarist living in the Atlanta, GA area. Matt is available for solo acoustic gigs pretty much anywhere there is an open space and an electrical outlet. Restaurants, bars, private parties, parking lots, bowling alleys, you name it Matt's played it.

His unique blend of outlaw country, southern rock and blues reaches all the way back to the 50's up to some modern tunes. The bottom line is that if Matt's playing you're gonna have a good time. While you're here, sign up for the mailing list to receive show alerts. Then check out some tunes or use the pick links below to connect with Matt out on the interwebs or check out Matt's song list to see what you'll hear at a show. See you out there boys and girls!!

For inquiries or booking information contact Matt through Facebook or via email at matt@mattgawlik.com